Extreme Adventures: Chapter Two, Breck Epic 2015, by Mark Zitelli

The Breck Epic MTB Stage Race 2015

"The Breck Epic. Back to the beginning. When mountain biking was a about big rides with friends. About lending a hand when a rider went down. About a shared experience that somehow, flying in the face of all logic, disproportionately enriched all involved."

6 days, 45,000 feet of climbing and 240 miles of the most amazing mountain biking trails around; thats how I sold Karl and Fischer on the Breck Epic Mountain Bike race.  We would drink beers, eat as much food as we could possibly consume and chill hard for the 18 hours a day we weren't riding.... Maybe.

Day 1-  Bliss.  Beautiful trails, followed by beers, burgers, more beer. 
Day 2-  The rocks seemed a bit bigger and the beers were replaced with quietly soaking our legs in ice cold streams.
Day 3- No beers.
Day 4- Naps.
Day 5- No hard chilling, just solitary pondering on how to finish.  No burgers; force feeding calories.  
Day 6- Finish line.  Beers, high fives, constant conversations that we had been having in our own heads for the last 3 days.  Hard chilling, more beers and non-stop smiles.

Day 6 is The Breck Epic.  

When each one of us recounts the experience, the struggle fades into the background, the ribbons of single track stand out, and the beers, hugs, and smiles consume our memories.  

-Mark Zitelli

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