24 Hours In...Aspen, CO

Waking up in your own house is really the ultimate way to go but if you are not a local or don’t know one you better check into the Hotel Jerome. Tony Dilucia is the General Manager and pretty much the mayor of town.  Get to know him.  Tell him you are friends with Team Aztech.


"American Lake is my go to kick your ass kind of hike"


When I only have moment at home, American Lake is my go to kick your ass kind of hike. It's a 3 mile uphill that takes you to one of the most majestic alpine lakes in Colorado. It's on the steeper side so make sure you have water, a little food and extra layers to stay warm once you are above the tree line. 

Once you are down from the mountains, lunch is at Woody Creek Tavern. After a long hike nothing will make you happier than their Perfect Margarita and Ultimate nachos.  Just FYI, it is cash only.  

Afternoons are for walkabouts in town for some shopping and checking in withfriends.  I always make sure to stop at Baldwin Gallery to see what new show Richard Edwards has up.  Performance Ski is a must for the latest and greatest outdoor gear.  McHugh Gallery for amazing rarities. And of course then there is Ute Mountaineer for anything and everything you need for hiking in the valley. 

It’s 5:00 pm somewhere, right?  Vodka strawberry lemonade at Ajax Tavern with some truffle fries are always on my schedule.




Dinner is usually at home with the family but if you are up and up for it, I love having dinner at the Caribou Club.  It’s legendary, its clientele is colorful and the food is always on point.  Cheesy garlic bread, 7X Ranch beef and any of their fish dishes should not be missed. 

A few last thoughts on my amazing town…drink lots of water, don’t drink and drive, and always book yourself on the earliest flight in and out of the Aspen airport.

Warm regards,


Heifara Rutgers

Founder, Aztech Mountain